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    Shanghai Xianjie Chemtech Co.,Ltd.
        Tel:   8621- 5793·2466 
        Fax:   8621- 6192·7З11
        Web:  www.xjchem.net
        Email:  Sales#xjchem.net


           Xianjie Chemtech’s process development chemists specialize in the design and optimization of synthetic routes for gram to multi-kilo quantities of compounds suitable for the transfer of laboratory procedures into the pilot plant.  We aim to develop scalable, safe and economical solutions.Our team of organic chemists, are willing to take on customer’s challenges to develop and produce tailor-made compounds of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.


           Research and process chemists are co-located, contributing to a smooth hand-over in the development process.

【Custom Synthesis Procedure】
           [Enquiry Feasibility]→ [Lab.Synthesis]→[Sample Confirmation]→[Small-scale Production]→[Industrial Production]


【We Offer you the following inspection documents accompanying with high quality products】
           Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)

           GC & HPLC Analysis 

           Elemental Analysis
           Synthesis report

           MS Analysis

【Strict Confidentiality】
           We Promise to keep your entrustment to us in secret. If necessary, we can sign a relevant contract

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