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Mission (Role description)

      Carry out research application activities, developing specialist knowledge in a particular area with in the R&D environments.


       Perform research/ application activities as directed by expertise manager/ project coordinator in the laboratory or application center in line with standard test methods, procedures and work instructions.
          Integrate, apply and develop specialist knowledge in a “know-how” or technology area or sub area in order to solve problems in projects for R&D.
         Act as the scientific reference point for a defined area of expertise.
         Actively create and apply know-how and expertise for DRS.
         Keep accurate records of work/experiments carried out.
         Report on activities and results as necessary to stakeholders (expertise management, R&D management, TS etc.) in an efficient and timely manner.
         Proactively organize activities/ challenge priorities in cooperation with expertise management or project co-ordination, or line manager.
         Undergo training and development activities for SHE and personal development as defined in PDRs and statutory training requirements.
         Actively coach and develop colleagues, particularly promoting SHE processes in a laboratory environment.
         Execute defined SHE and Q policies for Research / Application Chemist, including equipment, products.
         Comply with DSM Values, “People, Planet, Profit”, HR policies, minimum requirements and guidelines.
         Stop and activity they consider being unsafe and discussing with Location Management.
         All activities carried out in a safe and timely manner.
         Accurate and timely reporting of all experiments.
         Quality and professionalism of experiments.


         Major in Polymer Material, Polymer Processing, Organic Chemistry is plus. 
         Familiar with composite process, Resin Transfer Molding, extrusion, hot press, performance test, such as mechanical test.

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