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3rd China Local Refineries'Market and Development Summit

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 In 2009, the price of international oil began to rally before it reached the bottom, and China economy stably recoved from the financial crisis. Combined with the Oil tax reform, the new refined oil pricing mechanism, and the emergence of the alternative fuels, all of these make Chnia oil market assume a complicated situation. Meanwhile, the world-class petrochemical companies attempting to enter China, China domestic petrochemical enterprises expand the region, the local refineries enlarges their capacity, and the whole private oil refinery business began to recover. The competition among the oil giants both at home and abroad, local refineries and the private oil companies become fierce. China’s oil market is moving towards multi-polar trend and the regional competition is turning to white-hot.


  Shandong is among decades of powerful refinery enterprises that are top-ranked nationwide. In 2009, CNOOC jointed Shandong Zhonghai Petrochemical, CNPC cooperated with Dongming Petrochemical, and SK group revealed that it would like to cooperate with private petroleum enterprises, coupled with the China Chemical Group concentric acquisition and the sales range extending. All of these suggested that Shandong refinery enterprise is an important aspect not to be neglected in the oil market.


  In 2010, what are the opportunities and risks in China’s oil market? How does the professional person treat new competition situation and the alternative fuels? How do the enterprises both at home and abroad deal with? And to the Yellow River Delta which is the only Delta remaining to be exploited entirely, what are the opportunities and challenges in the development of the petroleum business? Focusing on the hot points, China ChemNet specially holds the third CPEC, aiming to explore the development trend of the oil market in China.


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