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Industry News

Amoxicillin price increase slightly

Promulgator: :admin   Send date: :2010-03-05 Visitor: :

     Someone expects that the price of Amoxicillin should decline, affected by the anti-dumping preliminary decision of India for Chinese 6-APA and Penicillin G. But according to healthoo.com's monitoring, the domestic price increases slightly. Now the quoted price is RMB200-205 yuan/kg and the concluded price is RMB195 Yuan/kg, upRMB 5-10 Yuan/kg. The export price is about 27$/kg.

     Now the producers are waiting to see when the anti-dumping duty will be implemented and what influence the price will suffer. It seems that it is beneficial for the export of Chinese Amoxicillin, after anti-dumping duty into practice. Chinese Amoxicillin will compete with Indian in international market.

    we expects that the price will increase, because the demand still in the boom season and the final decision of anti-dumping still doesn't be concluded. And the export of Amoxicillin won't suffer influence.Healthoo Information:


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