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Industry News

Scientists Discover Cancer-Causing Gene

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Scientists Discover Cancer-Causing Gene


    Scientists at Cancer Research UK have discovered a breast cancer-causing gene that could help medical professionals customise treatments for individual patients.


     It is the first time in five years that researchers have discovered an 'oncogene' that, when overactive, triggers a particularly aggressive type of breast cancer to develop.


    The scientists, based at Cancer Research UK's Cambridge research institute and the British Columbia Cancer Agency in Canada, believe testing patients' tumours to see if the gene 'ZNF703' is overactive could help identify patients with more aggressive tumours, so their treatment can be tailored accordingly.


     Professor Carlos Caldas, based at Cancer Research UK's Cambridge research institute said, "Crucially, testing if this gene is overactive in a patient's tumour could help highlight those more likely to be resistant to standard hormone therapies, such as tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors, helping to make sure the right drugs are matched to the right patient.


     "Scientists first discovered this region of DNA may be harbouring genes linked to the development of breast cancer 20 years ago. But it's only with the technology we have today that we've been able to narrow down the search sufficiently to pinpoint the gene responsible," he added

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