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Cognizant and Eagle Genomics Announce Cloud-Based Platform Pl

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Cognizant and Eagle Genomics Announce Cloud-Based Platform Plans


    Cognizant has announced plans to work alongside the non-profit Pistoia Alliance to develop a conceptual cloud-based platform to facilitate access to public sources of gene sequence data.


     The Alliance's sequence service aims to define an externally hosted service to securely store and mine proprietary derived gene sequence information, as well as gene databases within the public domain.


    The platform, developed by Cognizant and Eagle Genomics, will enable working-group companies to share bioinformatics resources in a secure, encrypted environment, allowing collaboration and externalisation within the life sciences industry.


     Eagle Genomics will contribute specialised bioinformatics knowledge, while Cognizant will manage development of the platform and oversee testing and security validation.


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