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Technical Articles

Simple-to-Use Polypropylene Pre-Filled Syringes

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Simple-to-Use Polypropylene Pre-Filled Syringes


    Generic medicines supplier Aguettant, a subsidiary of Laboratoire Aguettant Pharma Company based in Lyon, has designed low-cost yet safe polypropylene (PP) pre-filled syringes with stopper sterilization efficiency. Replacing traditionally used glass-made syringes, the plastic syringes are light-weight and immune towards breakability.


    The syringes have a secure opening system and can be terminally sterilized with steam in a peelable blister pack.


     These mass-produced syringes are sealed with frangible obturator and then injection molded in an embodiment using the plastic barrel of the syringe. The plastic barrel of the syringe is injection molded and is provided with two channels leading towards the open end of the syringe. Obturator is broken by simply rotating the cap and the syringe tip opens for use.

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