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Product infos:


Promulgator: :74974-54-2  Visitor: :
Product infos:
Standard: 98% CAS NO.: 74974-54-2
Chinese name:: 2-氯-1,1,1-三甲氧基乙烷 Product Id: PI0050

【Product Name】   2-Chloro-1,1,1-trimethoxyethane
【CAS No.】  74974-54-2
【Synonyms】    2-Chloro-1,1,1-trimethoxyethane; Trimethyl chloro-orthoacetate; 1,1,1-Trimethoxy-2-chloroethane
【Molecule Formula】  C5H11ClO3
【Molecule Weight】  154.59
【Structure Formula】 


【Description】  colorless clarity liquid
                            Assay …………… ≥98 %
                            Water  …………… ≤0.5 %
【Standards】   Enterprise Standard
【Packing】  20-200Kg 


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