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Product infos:


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Product infos:
Standard: 99% CAS NO.: 7681-93-8
Chinese name:: 纳他霉素 Product Id: NS0003

【Product】  Natamycin
【CAS No.】  7681-93-8
【Synonyms】  Pimaricin
【Molecule Formula】  C33H47NO13
【Molecule Weight】  665.73
【Structure Formula】  

【Description】  White to off white powder, no taste
                            Assay  …………… 90.0%~102.0%   
                            Moisture  …………… 6.0%~9.0%    
                            Ash  …………… ≤0.5 %
【Standards】  USP
       Natamycin(CAS#7681-93-8) is effective in a variety of food products across a wide range of pH levels(3.5-9.5).Natamycin(CAS#7681-93-8) is currently approved by the FDA for use on the surface of cuts and slices of cheese where the standards for such cheese provides for the use of safe and suitable mold inhibiting ingredients. 

In foods
     Natamycin(CAS#7681-93-8) has been used for decades in the food industry as a hurdle to fungal outgrowth in dairy products, meats, and other foods. Potential advantages for the usage of natamycin(CAS#7681-93-8) might include the replacement of traditional chemical preservatives, a neutral flavor impact, and less dependence on pH for efficacy, as is common with chemical preservatives. Natamycin(CAS#7681-93-8) may be applied by spraying a liquid suspension, by dipping the product in an aqueous suspension (known as a "brine"), or by mixing Natamycin into the product in a powdered form along with cellulose (a known "anti-caking" agent) on whole, shredded, or soft cheeses. While not currently approved for use on meats in the United States, some countries allow natamycin to be applied to the surface of dry and fermented sausages to prevent mold growth on the casing. Also, natamycin is approved for various dairy applications in the United States. More specifically, natamycin is commonly used in products such as cottage cheese, sour cream, and yogurt. As a food additive, Natamycin(CAS#7681-93-8) has E number E235.

     Natamycin(CAS#7681-93-8) is used to treat fungal infections, including Candida, Aspergillus, Cephalosporium, Fusarium and Penicillium. Natamycin(CAS#7681-93-8) is applied as a cream, in eyedrops, or (for oral infections) in a lozenge. Natamycin(CAS#7681-93-8) shows negligible absorption into the body when administered in these ways. When taken orally, little or none is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, making Natamycin inappropriate for systemic infections

【Packing】  1000g/Aluminium barrel


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